Quantum Construction

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We design and create beautiful environments, that facilitate and encourage human activity; we are an exceptional construction team with vast experience & exceptional technical skills

Construction Experience, innovation and integrity

Quantum Construction is a privately owned Australian company

Quantum Construction is the result of a group of experienced individuals forming a building company to better address client’s needs.

To the inexperienced, building can be a daunting undertaking and it need not be so.
We’re not about quoting every project in Sydney, NSW or Australia for that matter, rather working with reputable design teams & clients we’ve chosen based on solid understanding of the construction process and a demonstrated ability to deliver or exceed the clients expectations.

We’re about providing clients/architects informed choice with their construction. There is no point in undertaking projects, knowing that the documentation is incomplete and the client is exposed to cost blow outs and then arguing what was documented versus what is required.

Quantum aren’t one job wonders. We’re looking to do all your work. We see repeat business as the best reference and aim to demonstrate a level professionalism that will make Quantum your obvious choice of partner for smooth delivery of your next project thereafter.

Our biggest asset are our staff, our biggest advantage to the customer is we don’t overload them with too many projects allowing them to be client / job focussed. The clients goals become ours during the construction process. The end result being a credit to all project stakeholders.

Our experienced staff are amongst the best in their chosen disciplines, be it Construction Management, Site Management or Costs Planning and Analysis.

We’re not ‘yes’ men and are always willing to provide a builders view on how you can achieve your building goal.

The clients expectation should be common to the design and construction team. This is the Quantum approach.

Daniel Prentice

Professional Experience

”With over 25 years experience running other successful building companies, we are now providing this service direct to the construction market. You will deal with the owner of the company and be more closely associated with the building team ensuring your expectations are met.

Our staff and the quality of project delivery set Quantum apart from our industry peers. We look forward to discussing our next successful project together.”

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